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Sunday, November 27th, 2005
9:00 pm
username: birmingham
password: enter

just found that. i haven't spoken to him since my last post. forgotten now
Saturday, November 5th, 2005
7:01 pm
went out with kwas last night. it was really really good, but had a bad twist at the end. i thought it'd be really awkward last night but it wasn't at all. he held my hand pretty much straight away and we were chatting loads. i liked it a lot. then i looked at his phone at one point and he had a message off dre at 8.01 saying 'how's the date going?' we were meant to meet at 8.00 haha. he also managed to tell me that he's gone to uni to learn about bambi, which i found really funny. (obviously kinda outta context there-he's doing animation) we went to barracuda and i bumped into sasha brookes drying her trousers in the loos cuz she'd pissed on them LOL!! listen on mon night to galaxy-i think she might say hi to me :) so we drank and chatted and danced and drank and chatted and danced again and it was all good fun, really fun actually. then we went outside afterwards and he had to go and ruin it all by asking me back to his. he knew i was a virgin and that i was trying to be good and not do slaggy things at all. Because i'd been drinking i couldn't say what i wanted to say properly. i think i must have been really annoying-i wudda just slapped me.but he just kept saying that he really wanted me and that he'd come visit me every other week and that he doesn't want anybody else. and it turns out that in summer he was 'talking' to another girl at the same time we were together, so that's why he didn't take it further. ha, we were both just as bad as each other then. he also lied to me, cuz i thought he was a virgin, so asked him and he said he lost it beofre i met him, then that he lost it in summer, then that he was still a virgin. i still don't know what's true. and it's not like it'd bother me but i just dont like that he was lying to me. he kept saying to go back to his. we walked from chinatown to broad street and i made him come into the chippy cuz it was freezing and then we sat there for about half an hour and he still kept saying to go back to his. although, when i said to him that if he liked me he would let me go home and not get pissed off, he said i should go home. oh i don't know what to think. i do like him but he's at uni anyway. i said i'd call him when i'm sober, and i could do but not tonight...because......
i was meant to have another date tonight-micheal-i met him at subway last week. we were gonna go to the cinema but ye he didn't text me about where+when to meet so i just left it, but now he's texting me and i think he's coming here this eve. whilst my parents are out. and i really wanna tell them but i dont know what theyre going to say or think. he seems like a genuinely nice guy tho, and i'm a tough girl so therere no worries there!! anyway, i'm sitting here in trampy clothes, having just eaten spicy food-so i better go and sort myself out hadnt i!!! off now then

Current Mood: butterflies!
Thursday, October 27th, 2005
7:49 pm
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Sunday, October 16th, 2005
11:38 am

LJ Interests meme results

  1. black guys:
    aaah what can i say...black guys are the bomb! they're just so hot. i know that's a bit of a generalisation lol but ye i'm talking bout the hot ones :P it's just that their skin's always so perfect and smooth and they have great bodies and big hands you know. and family values too. and when they're bad boys on top of all that.....woah don't even get me started!
  2. dairy-days:
    what fun fun fun and lots of it is this. and i don't usually feel too guilty hehe :D basically, for all you that don't know, i recently found out that i have an intolerance to lactose and casein and that it triggers my asthma. dairy days are my days when i eat foods that contain dairy. i really shouldn't do this, especially when i seem to have more dairy-days than non-dairy-days. but hey, it's fun. and i love to rebel.
  3. erasure:
    gay 80s pop music. what could be better??? they went on tour earlier this year and my dad really wanted to go but my mum wouldn't accompany him as she said he was 'living in the past'. so i said i'd go with him. i pulled out my dad's old erasure cds and started listening so i knew what to expect when i was there...and i knew all the words to the first song on the first album i listened to!! turns out my dad used to play it when i was a baby. and i knew the lil' dance to the chorus. i thought this was a dance that my dad made me do when i was a baby, but everyone in the audience was doing it at the concert. when my dad picked me up from beavers on a monday night (near enough the only time we were in the car together) we always put it on and had a good sing along. then when we saw them...oh they are SO good! and andy bell is SO gay! they played all their brilliant songs and had a gorgeous stage. they even played a blondie song and had backing dancers dressed as marilyn...two of my favs :D
    "It's not the way you lead me
    By the hand into the bedroom"
    "Just one psychological drama after another"
    "Ooh I like to read a murder mystery
    I like to know the killer isn't me"
    "And they covered up the sun
    Until the birds had flown away
    And the fishes in the sea
    Had gone to sleep"
  4. good grammar:
    if you're english, get the engish correct please. this mostly annoys me when it is something that has been printed or published, as you'd expect somebody to check it first. the worst i've seen of this nature was a tiny while before i got a camera phone (dammit or i would have had a pic to show you) when i was in merry hill outside new look and there was a REALLY BIG sign in the window of new look that read, 'YOUR A STAR'. oh dear oh deary me. the main grammatical error that really bugs me is when people get 'that' and 'which' mixed up. just please learn english...correctly.
  5. hollyoaks:
    this is the only television show i watch and follow. there are others but they're not on at the moment, apart from spooks, which is on when i have my piano lesson so i have about 3 weeks worth to catch up on. i only started watching hollyoaks about a year ago but it's fun and colourful and there're plenty of fitnesses (why did justin have to get fat and hairy and why did ben have to go?) hollyoaks let loose is on when i'm at my french lesson and doens't look that good anyway, except for ben and lisa being two of my favs. also, loads of the people in hollyoaks seem to remind me of people i know (no i do not have a hollyoaks obsession!) but they really do, it's odd.
  6. meeting new people:
    i will update soon-i'm bored
  7. nine inch nails:
    i will update soon-i'm bored
  8. photos:
    i will update soon-i'm bored
  9. socialising:
    i will update soon-i'm bored
  10. the troop:
    i will update soon-i'm bored

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Current Mood: busy
Wednesday, October 12th, 2005
9:33 pm

i love the rain.

i thought i wanted a summer, seeing as i hadn't had one for two years thanks to my back, but summer was not very summery this year. winter is great, i have always kinda loved it. you see, it's so annoying when summer is cold and muggy, but winter is meant to be cold and muggy so it's all good.

i got off the bus today, put my umbrella up and proceeded to walk home in the complete shower. granted, it wasn't that cold, which does make it more enjoyable, but the rain was still beautiful. my umbrella didn't help one bit, i was wet. i had shorts on and ballet pumps, which were actually full of water and the ends of my hair went curly. i got a strange look from a woman walking the other way as i had a HUGE GRIN on my face. the only slightly annoying part was when my bum got wet and therefore got cold. i don't much like the tops of my legs/bum being cold and wet, but i'm sure that's another story. i got home, walked into the kitchen and took my shorts off, and they had a big, dark patch on the bum that looked quite funny. i then hung my shorts and boat socks on the aga, got a blanket and watched yesterday's episode of hollyoaks.

then came 5.30 so i put some jeans on and left the house to go to cubs, which is about a 20 minute walk down the road, but seeing as my mum wasn't home to drive me (i had forgotten to tell her) i decided to be lazy and get a bus. my umbrella appeared to be broken so, thinking that i was going to get on a bus anyway, and taking into account that it wasn't raining when i was leaving the house, i left the house umbrella free. i walked to the bus stop and ended up waiting there for 35 minutes before deciding to walk. halfway there it started pissing it down and i was getting wet. i carried on walking until i got to the road cubs was on and realised that i was completely drenched. my phone had also run out of battery and my mum's phone was off anyway, so i was a bit annoyed by this. i turned around and went home, walking the whole way back too. i cried a little bit on the way home, but not because of the rain. i love the rain. and there was more rain running down my face than tears anyway. i got in and completely stripped, putting my clothes in a big, wet heap for my mum to see and put my nightie on.

my mum came home and we shouted out our rainful stories to one another. there were 21 people left at my sister's school at quater past 6, and she didn't get to my brother's nursery until 6.30 because the traffic was horrendous. not quite sure how that works as it takes longer than 15 mins between the two normally.


but yes, the rain is beautiful.

i kissed it today.

Current Mood: detached
Saturday, September 24th, 2005
2:36 pm
some photos from bulgaria...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
me and my bro on the beach...don't comment on how shit i look please

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
my sis playing crazy golf

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
my sis bungee-jumping

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
dancing in the rain...this is when it poured in the middle of the day and everyone left the pool except for me and my sis who stripped off to our bikinis and jumped right in :D sooo much fun

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
my brother

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
junior a.k.a. pisshead. this 14 year old boy can smoke a whole cigarette without exhaling

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
lauren (aged 12) me and claire (aged 15) shame we only had little time together (they left after the first week i was there)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
my amazing artwork...avec ma mere

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
my parents and i kept trying to get me with this guy as he was tall, good looking, a kev and with his family all the time. after the first week we discovered he was only 15 (could have possibly been 14) to our complete amazement!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
me and damien (the guy who bought me a rose and told me he loved me!)

Current Mood: complacent
Monday, September 19th, 2005
10:53 pm
awww people are leaving. this is the first time it's actually affected me because i've known people that have gone away to uni in previous years, but people that are going now i actually class as proper friends, plus two of my boys are leaving.
kwas went on sat, it did make me sad. i'm still gutted i didn't get to be more than friends with him at an earlier stage. this could mean that i don't see the rest of that group as much, although he had had a major fall out with kosta and dre, and i've still seen them since. also gutted that i ran off to him when i was meant to be with ben, but maybe that's for the best. i did still feel a tinge of kickingmyselfness when i saw ben on friday night though. and joe's leaving this weekend, also gutted that i didn't get talking to him sooner. we could have been quite good together.
just means i'm going to have to find new boys to keep me interested doesn't it, although of course i should be working hard. i know by christmas time i'll want a boyfriend, but somebody give me a badboy now please :D i saw a certain someone the other day and he looked rather hot. silly me for thinking such bad bad thoughts. i can't let myself go there, i know i really shouldn't.
but it's ok to think about, yes?

Current Mood: busy
Monday, September 5th, 2005
8:54 pm
wow today was fun, apart from going into school to sign one sheet of paper and not realising that i could wear jeans grrrr..... i have 1 pair of trousers that still fit me after my all inclusive hol and wore them today :S eh well
i spent all this morn shopping ofr ingredients and then baking a cake, which then didn't work thanks to damned egg replacer. it was meant to be for alicja's bday, which was in may, but we had exams. i bought one though too which i will give to her. then i went to school, signed my name and waited with alicja, rima and vanessa for linzi. kept screaming for her to hurry up but she was still in solihull :P then we all went back to mine
we cooked, although never ate my meal because were full up from other stuff. linzi ran to the shop and bought cookies, didn't see adam even though it was the paper shop by his bench. i think i saw him in the bp garage yesterday but he was wearing a blue t-shirt. i realised that EVERY single time i have seen him at EVERY party i've been to and EVERY time he's been round moorpool he's worn his jeans with white trainers and a black hoodie. damn he looks good in it but ALL THE FRIGGIN TIME. that's why i wasn't sure if it was him...blue t-shirt :o :o
anyway...we had food.....alicja made polish noodle soup, rima brought pizza along after getting her mum to drive it round to school haha and also put the sauce on the pasta, nessa made scrummy chinese stir fry and i made haricot hot pot, cooked some pasta and garlic bread and provided drinks and nibbles :D then we sat, ate and chatted, accompanied by my sister who really liked the pasta SHOCK and then forced us to play a few rounds of family fortunes by constantly pressing the buzzer. linzi had gone by now to go to a barbecue in stratford and rima left shortly after the eating. then alicja, nessa and me went upstairs to chat some more before they left. then i ate some cake and took some of my plaits out :'( i love them, i need to get hem re-done but my design was wkd. i'll have a fringe again now
great fun today, great fun :D :D
and here i attach a few more pics of germany while i am in a good mood

ulrike and silka juggling at altstadtfest
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

ulrike juggling at altstadtfest
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

ulrike and silka again
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

ulrike and boyfriend
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

boat on river in france-it's a scale model of a really big cruiser
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Current Mood: okay
Sunday, September 4th, 2005
9:57 pm
i relish in solidarity, yet i feel extremely lonely sometimes

Current Mood: lonely
9:54 pm
omg why was my summer so shit. it was great when i wasn't in birmingham, but otherwise was rather crap. had a few good days but other than that..............ARGH!

Current Mood: crappy
Saturday, September 3rd, 2005
10:48 pm
i really need a boyfriend. i see alex's screen name and it gets to me. i hear cassie/linzi/rakhi mention their boyfriends and it gets to me. i see letty walking down the road holding hands with her boyfriend and it gets to me. i hear about people's boyfriend problems and it gets to me. i see any of the guy's i've ever done stuff with or had anything with and it gets to me. whenever anybody mentions having a boy/girl friend it gets to me. i want somebody who is just there. i love dating around but it's coming up to winter again and i always want a boyfriend in winter. when i met damien on holiday, although i didn't fancy him, the fact that he was always there was good. maybe it was using him but i was also constantly ensuring i wasn't upsetting him. i want somebody who likes me as much as damien does. if i don't have a boyfriend by christmas i will be so upset. problem is, every time i get a boyfriend, or a guy at all, they're never right. i'm worried i'll miss not being able to date around but i've been playing around for long enough i think, and i've also wanted a long term boyfriend for long enough. i did say i wouldn't have one becasue of being in sixth form but if it was someone else who was in the same boat then i don't think it would be too much of a problem.
somebody find me a guy, please.

Current Mood: rejected
Friday, September 2nd, 2005
11:41 pm
some photos from deutschland...

south american-german panpipe players in shopping area
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

first stage in altstadtfest
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

people watching first stage in altstadtfest
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

infront of hitler's present to saarbrucken (the theater) "hold it down 'til it flashes"
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

and the outcome :)
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Current Mood: tired
11:37 pm
argh...some people
Never give out your password or credit card number in an instant message conversation.

:: Чарли :: don't ya wish your girlfriend was wrong like me? says:
נαмιи i who have nothing but the comfort of my sins, i who have nufin but the comfort of my friends says:
wtf u wnt
:: Чарли :: don't ya wish your girlfriend was wrong like me? says:
i was gonna say how are you
נαмιи i who have nothing but the comfort of my sins, i who have nufin but the comfort of my friends says:
well fak off
:: Чарли :: don't ya wish your girlfriend was wrong like me? says:
whats your problem?
:: Чарли :: don't ya wish your girlfriend was wrong like me? says:
dont say 'you'
נαмιи i who have nothing but the comfort of my sins, i who have nufin but the comfort of my friends says:
well der aint anytin else so piss off
:: Чарли :: don't ya wish your girlfriend was wrong like me? says:
:: Чарли :: don't ya wish your girlfriend was wrong like me? says:
i try to be civil, nice even
:: Чарли :: don't ya wish your girlfriend was wrong like me? says:
but no
נαмιи i who have nothing but the comfort of my sins, i who have nufin but the comfort of my friends says:
ye caus ur a cunt
:: Чарли :: don't ya wish your girlfriend was wrong like me? says:
how am i
:: Чарли :: don't ya wish your girlfriend was wrong like me? says:
if youre basing it on titus house at all
:: Чарли :: don't ya wish your girlfriend was wrong like me? says:
i was drunk
:: Чарли :: don't ya wish your girlfriend was wrong like me? says:
very drunk
נαмιи i who have nothing but the comfort of my sins, i who have nufin but the comfort of my friends says:
i do NOT like u at all, i cnt even stand being in the same fukin town as u u fokin munter no fuk off dnt tlk to me!
:: Чарли :: don't ya wish your girlfriend was wrong like me? says:
im not talking to u
:: Чарли :: don't ya wish your girlfriend was wrong like me? says:
im typink to you
:: Чарли :: don't ya wish your girlfriend was wrong like me? says:
and i never did anything wrong towards u
נαмιи i who have nothing but the comfort of my sins, i who have nufin but the comfort of my friends says:
see this is wat i mean! ur fokin attitude problem!
:: Чарли :: don't ya wish your girlfriend was wrong like me? says:
u are the one who has issues if u talk to ppl like that. you're way too immature and you can't pull it off
:: Чарли :: don't ya wish your girlfriend was wrong like me? says:
people might actually like you if you grew up a bit
:: Чарли :: don't ya wish your girlfriend was wrong like me? says:
i know u can be nice so y dnt u be
:: Чарли :: don't ya wish your girlfriend was wrong like me? says:
and no it doesnt really bother me cuz i dont really wanna have anything to do with you
:: Чарли :: don't ya wish your girlfriend was wrong like me? says:
but for ur own good
נαмιи i who have nothing but the comfort of my sins, i who have nufin but the comfort of my friends says:
gd toss off
:: Чарли :: don't ya wish your girlfriend was wrong like me? says:
you will realise one day
נαмιи i who have nothing but the comfort of my sins, i who have nufin but the comfort of my friends says:
aint u got anyone else to piss off
:: Чарли :: don't ya wish your girlfriend was wrong like me? says:
i wasnt trying to piss u off
נαмιи i who have nothing but the comfort of my sins, i who have nufin but the comfort of my friends says:

Current Mood: tired
Saturday, August 27th, 2005
8:43 pm
i went on holiday too-to bulgaria. yes i know it's random but totally made better by the fact that it's the name of a womble. first 4/5 days were AWFUL. i was ill, i didn't make any friends and was very bored because of this but then my lovely (ahem) sister made me a friend called becky who said she was 18 but turned out to be 15. she'd come on holiday with her friend claire, who she'd fallen out with over the holiday but i got on SO well with-she's acutally the most beautiful girl i've ever seen in person that isn't famous and it's very hard to believe she's only 15. there was also ben, becky's brother and his mate craig, who was fit when he dressed up to go out on a night, purely demeanor factor. they were 18. then there was jon, 16 and his sister lauren, 12. i got on really well with lauren too. there was also damien but more about him later. we all went out baring and clubbing in the first week but they all left on the tuesday, a week after i got there. i was sooooo sad!!!
there was still damien tho, and laura, 16 and her sister leanne 14 who were all on my flight. also another girl frankie, 16 who was really cool. i nicknamed laura and frankie 'slag and poser' and found it sooo hard not to say this to their faces, but they were nice enough. went out clubbing with them and some other guys in the second week. jolly fun that i met people or would have been so shite.
hotel was nice but food made people ill. pool was colder than sea but i HATE the beach. however on claire's last day we went to the beach and went on the banana boat and this other seat thing. the man called us 'crazy extreme girls' and asked if we liked it 'fast and furious'. hehe.
classic phrase...'you have BOYFRIEND in ENGLAND...' ino u wont understand it but im bored. that was boycho, a barman, to claire, and then he stormed off. then he shoved his hand up my skirt and tried to pull me. we were sitting down at the time and when he asked why i wouldnt pull him i said 'stand up' so he did and i said 'you're too short'. im so heightist.
i will finish this later. going to watch perfect storm now. ta-ra

Current Mood: aggravated
Wednesday, August 3rd, 2005
1:32 pm
rescue me...and take me in your arms
i just ate a 4 day out of date pasty by picking off the mouldy bits. i really need to be rescued, or even better find bridget jones, watch it and then do something about it.

why is nobody doing anything these holidays though? they were meant to be so good. grrrr.
and i'm still sitting at home waiting for my mum's phone that was meant to get here by 1pm. so i can't even go and get in the shower incase it comes :S unless i take the doorbell upstairs then come down in a towel. hahaha, try and sign for the package and it falls down etc. etc. bet it'd be a reaaaaaalllllllllly ugly old man though lol

rescue me please somebody :D

Current Mood: ecstatic
1:04 pm
so the journal thing didn't really work...i was actually on but too bored to write. these 2 weeks have seemed a little pointless. well, parties and ppl at my house were good but the rest of the time ive just been sitting at home doing fuck all or falling asleep, which i hate becasue it feels like such a waste of time. and we STILL havn't got a holiday. i am actually looking forward to going away aswell, even if it is with my family and im just going to get left on my own. i think its guys that have been depressing me, you probably all heard my dilemma last week and now i have neither of them. kwas is off to uni anyway, and ben, who seemed so good (well compared to other guys, maybe its just cuz he's tall) is actually a bit of a twat. possibly comes with the name. i did realise this at the kes prom where he ignored me all night after flirting loads at the ehs prom. he then pulled me on monday and pulled a girl i know on wed. wed was poss my own fault because i did leave him to go be with kwas, but as soon as i came bak he was all over [her] so i just left again. pulled greg just to make myself feel a bit better, and because i knew i could. how low is that.
phoned ben last night but didnt say anything about it. i could hear him on the comp-he has blanked me on msn for a week, but was prob talking to [number 2] or [number 3] (i bet im like [number 1769625070273076539.556530927507] on his stupid fucking long list of girls he thinks will all like him). he comes across as such a geek but was actually quite good, and is a bit of a player. players are fine if they actually act like players, but he's not good enough. or maybe he's too good, oh i dont know. but anyway, phoned him and nothing came from it other than finding out he's gone to south africa today, and him telling me about how much fun he had last fri. i was gonna go with him, but he told me he wasnt going. he then had the cheek to say 'where were you last fri?' ugh. so i text him this morn saying that i wanted to know either way, and he said what he's already said but just not to me...that he just wants to be friends as he values my friendship more. blatantly meaning he doesn't fancy me at all. AM I GREEN? DO I HAVE SCALES? arrrrrgh. well uno what, i dnt need another friend (lie-i love having loads of friends) real reason, i know it either wouldnt be platonic, or it would be platonic and then id never get him. i still want him really, so if im just friends and make myself believe that, then he's gone.

it was my own fault on wednesday and i am SO pissed off with myself. the music...i told someone to get their hands off kwas, but where did that get me? shoulda used it about ben. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

i really want to find somebody else but who????? {advert advert} no, really.

Current Mood: pissed off
Saturday, July 30th, 2005
10:59 pm
heeelp me ples
how do you get pictures on here without having some funkyassed account?

Current Mood: tired
10:26 pm
i really want to actually use this as a diary type thing, without ramblings, because i can never remember what i've done. so i might. and it might be highly boring but you know, it's good for me. i'd say there's less paper wastage too but the electricity thing probably balances it out. oh and i can't read this when i'm old. but i really can't be bothered with writing-i did it in germany and gave up on the last couple of days. i really wish i'd used this as a diary the past few weeks, they were really interesting, and the upcoming weeks look kinda boring, although i think i'm gonna book a holiday to bulgaria for next week. i've found one on t'internet now.

so today...
woke up and lounged around house. mum opened b'day presents that i bought and ate cake that i bought. we got her a book on positive living and personal success (ha) and an epilator. we then took both back because we had money off vouchers for both. lol the cheapness-all good! my mum said we were going to deliver blankets and children's clothes to people in moseley and small heath because their houses have been looted, but then she decided we needed to buy things for holiday instead. so i waited for her to be ready to go to town, then had to leave make-up free :S my brother came too. we tried to return a dress to debenhams but they said we could only exchange it for other kaliko things, which we didn't like, so my mum and i argued with the manager until he let us have anything in the store :D then waseem came and met up with us. i got a bra with insane liquid padding- will be brilliant if i'm ever thirsty. then went into gap and to baguette du monde with waseem-i can eat the tuna sweetcorn mayo baguettes yay and introduced waseem to them. then went and bought fruit and nuts from cranberry, and dark choc covered ginger pieces mmmmmmm :P then went to boots and home. ate balti because i felt ill but it made me feel worse and have been searching for holidays on t'internet.
considering i havn't really done anything today, and i have been soooo bored, there's a lot there

Current Mood: annoyed
Saturday, July 2nd, 2005
9:26 pm
not that amazing, so make it
1. A random something, anything. A song lyric, an anecdote, a quote, a book recommendation, a rant or rave.
2. Tell me about something that happened to you today.
3. From reading my journal, what can you tell about me?
4. Your e-mail addy please
5. Copy this onto your own journal.

Current Mood: crappy
Thursday, June 9th, 2005
8:35 pm
back to the good ol' days, eh chaps!?
'i spose he sounds a bit better if he says "nearly had sex with a 16 year old" than "i tried to have sex with 2 16 year olds in one week and they both turned me down"'

oooh i love it. :D
time to have fun...and ok yes i had *that* bit of fun the day we started going out...ooooh i can be a bitch too.
and the music's helping..."i took a sip from my devil's cup"...hehe girly shit. and it's the subculture thing of sarah's. i do kinda wish we could do the first 2 weeks of last summer again. that was so good. and damn the new ID thing. i'm chilling my cranberry juice atm and it's in my cup that i always drank it out of last year. oh i do miss last year.

and sandra's here with giorgia. gees the last time i saw al i ran up to him and burst into tears in his arms. that must have freaked him out a bit. but i have kinda chatted to him a bit since. he was on MSN earlier. he's in sicily atm. lucky rich dropout. hmmm alright for some. but who goes on msn when in italy? apparently it's not that warm today. HA.

and you all think you're being update whores! the boredom's really fucking getting to me.
i get fat. i get single. i get updated every fucking half an hour.
good times x

Current Mood: awake
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